We MAKE SURE YOU LOOK GOOD ONLINE - that’s what we do.

We are reputation management consultants; a Las Vegas-based team of public relations consultants, writers and technology experts (including some hackers gone legit) with extensive experience working with celebrities, athletes and high-level executives.

We have been fixing reputations and protecting the privacy of our clients - online and offline - since 1999.

The firm is led by Alex Simon, who got his start doing public relations for professional fighters before working with race car drivers, actors, models and entertainers. As his clients saw an increased need for reputation repair and crisis management, Digital 86 was born.

Our solutions are not a suite of do-it-yourself services, we offer a customized reputation management plan that is personally handled by us, from start to finish. 

If discretion and privacy are important to you, we should be at the top of your list. We never disclose our client list or discuss clients in the media.

Our time is spent working tirelessly on your reputation.